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NanoMojo is a high-tech blend of the best natural botanicals to help you not only adapt to stress, but thrive under it. Paired with the therapeutic and penetrating liposomes of Quicksilver Delivery Systems™, the 20 herbs (14 of which are adaptogens) in NanoMojo more effectively support everything from stamina and strength to immune function and mood.

Serving size is 2 pumps, 50 servings per container

For best results, take two pumps under the tongue twice a day. If possible, before swallowing, hold for 30 seconds, which enables these herbs to penetrate into the bloodstream, and into the cells.

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Quicksilver Scientific and Sun Horse Energy have teamed up to create the world’s first liposomal adaptogenic formula: NanoMojo. Quicksilver’s Christopher Shade, PhD, and master herbalist Daniel Moriarty of Sun Horse collaborated to capture the power of adaptogens and their enhancement into a highly potent liposomal encapsulation.

NanoMojo is our fastest-working adaptogenic herbal formula. The liposomal encapsulation delivery of the herbs completely bypasses the digestive system so it works faster.

Adaptogenic herbs have been used for countless generations by traditional societies all over the world. But NanoMojo is very much a 21st-century product. There is no other liposomal adaptogenic formula on the market.

As with any herbal product, please consult with your physician if you are taking prescription medication.


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