What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are medicinal plants that fit 3 criteria:

  • Non-toxic in recommended amounts
  • Promotes cellular resistance to stress
  • Harmonizes and balances body systems

What is the best time to take Sun Horse?

Take one (1) serving in the morning or afternoon. If you’re undergoing an exceptional amount of stress, you can take a serving in the morning and in the afternoon or evening.

Is it best to take Sun Horse Adaptogenic Formulas with food?

Sun Horse products can be taken with or without food. As opposed to many supplements, which must be eaten with dietary fat in order to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins, Sun Horse adaptogenic formulas don’t require any nutrients to be consumed along with it.

How do I know which Sun Horse formula to try?

 Ultimate Energy   is total adaptogenic cellular support for men and women. It’s a great introduction to adaptogens. The 13 herbs in Ultimate Energy are adaptogens along with the other ingredient being extra dark organic maple, therefore, it’s 100% guaranteed to help your body achieve optimum performance. For those on a budget, it costs about $20 less than our men’s and women’s formulas. This is a work-for-everybody adaptogenic formula. Ultimate Energy can be taken daily.   

Thrivagen   is adaptogenic cellular support plus traditional women’s balancing herbs for clarity, healthy metabolism, and energy support. This formula may be especially beneficial for women who are either low in certain hormones or have a hormonal imbalance. Even woman with more serious health problems has benefited from Thrivagen. 

Mojo 8.5  is adaptogenic cellular support plus power herbs for total balance, muscle building, and fat burning. It can be used by both men and women. Mojo 8.5 may improve libido, protein synthesis, and bone density. This formula contains two herbs that are not adaptogens:  tribulus  and  epimedium

The serving of these two power herbs in Mojo 8.5 are safe and effective for everybody. 

NanoMojo  is the perfect “on the go” adaptogenic formula to take in your pocket, backpack, in the car, at the office, etc. It’s our easiest formula to use. Ultimate Energy, Thrivagen and Mojo 8.5 are poured into a shot glass and mixed with water. With NanoMojo you just pump two or three into your mouth under your tongue and hold for 30 seconds while your herbs are rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream and on into your cells.

What can I expect to feel after prolonged use of Sun Horse?

Better balance, mental clarity and enhanced ability to cope with stress.  Better recovery from exertion. Better sleep. Healthy libido. Increased waking energy. For a more complete list,  click here.

When will I begin to feel the eff­ects of Sun Horse Adaptogenic Formulas?

Some people begin to feel the benefits almost immediately, while others notice the effects within one or two weeks. We ask that you take the Sun Horse Challenge by trying a bottle of one of our formulas every day, for 30 days straight to notice the positive outcomes. If after 30 days, you don’t experience the benefits from taking Sun Horse, we’ll gladly refund your product cost 100%.

How long have adaptogens been used?

Adaptogens have been used for countless generations. Traditional cultures continue to use them. Adaptogenic herbs, for populations with little to no access to modern medicines, function as “Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet.”

Is there any scientific proof that adaptogens work?

Yes. Adaptogens as a class are the most well studied herbs on the planet. There are several thousand studies on adaptogens going back over 70 years. Soviet researchers in the mid-20th century were the first to study the compounds that give adaptogens their therapeutic value. (For more on this, read our blog post: The history of adaptogens.)

How do adaptogens work … how do they help reduce stress?

Research has shown that adaptogens assist the cells to resist the damaging effects of stress. It is recognized that prolonged stress may compromise immunity, gastrointestinal function, blood sugar and blood pressure levels, bodyweight management, cardiovascular function, and more….Because adaptogens modulate the stress response, bodily functions may return to normal over time.

How many adaptogens are there?
It’s not known exactly how many adaptogens there are on Earth. New ones are still being discovered. What we do know, though, is that for every few thousand medicinal plants, there are only a few botanicals that are classified as “adaptogenic herbs.”
If there are lots of adaptogens, why were the ones in Sun Horse chosen?

The adaptogenic herbs in Sun Horse were chosen because of the extensive research, which supports their therapeutic value.

Why is maple syrup added to some of the formulas?

There is approximately 1 gram of extra dark organic maple per serving. It’s added not only to make the formula taste pleasing, maple syrup is recognized a phytonutrient and mineral source with numerous nutritional benefits, including being high in antioxidants and minerals. (For more info, read our blog post about Maple Syrup.)

How much do Sun Horse Adaptogenic Formulas cost?

Sun Horse formulas cost from $50.95 per bottle. Each bottle contains at least 30 servings.

For example, NanoMojo contains 50 servings per container and costs $54 on auto ship. That’s only $1.08 per day (which is far less than the average cup of coffee).

Should I talk to my doctor if I’m taking medication?
Yes. You should consult a naturopathic doctor or someone who has extensive knowledge of both adaptogenic herbs and prescription medication before taking Sun Horse.
Can I take Sun Horse formulas every day?

Yes, Sun Horse is safe to take every day.